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Inside Chek

Get to know who’s behind Chek and the mission that drives us

When is the last time your kids went to watch a TV show that they knew they were not supposed to watch? The answer is, too often! Luckily, years ago cable companies solved this problem by creating “parental control” technology which allows the admin-user to preset certain channels that they want their kids viewing. By now you’re probably wondering why we’re talking about cable & parental controls.

Think of Chek as the equivalent of parental controls but for debit cards. For decades now we have conditioned ourselves to use these cards to purchase groceries, gas, food - you name it, we use a debit card to buy it. However, during this transformation period, we have never had a way to responsibly set limitations for these cards.

This is where Chek was born! We have cracked the code to this issue and developed a technology that makes precise cash management simple for organizations. With our solution, you will have full control of both physical & virtual “smart” debit cards to distribute to your sports team, organization or really anyone you can think of. Each card is engineered to match the ease and flexibility of cash while also providing insights for greater fiscal efficiencies.

Our mission is to revolutionize cash and cash-equivalent spending. In everything we do, we’re relentlessly focused on the experience of you, the user.

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