The Efficient & Secure Way for Organizations to Distribute Funds at Scale.

About Chek

Chek’s proprietary technology enables organizations in the nonprofit, sports, education, philanthropic landscapes, and beyond to streamline the distribution of funds at scale.

Chek’s platform allows organizations to easily and securely disburse funds to through the issuance of virtual and physical debit cards.

Through unique data models, Chek helps uncover valuable insights and enhances fiscal transparency & accountability with reports that help evaluate the use and maximization of resources within any organization.

What Defines Chek

Chek is built upon the foundation of strong values of:
+ Transparency
+ Accountability
+ Adaptability
+ Results-Oriented
+ Deliberate & Intentional Action
+ Practice What You Preach
+ Mission First, People Always

Money is Moving

Our technology focuses on enhancing the way money moves. The purpose of our technology is to achieve the efficient and secure movement of money to help our clients and partners keep focus and accomplish their mission to generate greater impact. 

What is the Impact?

It is natural for people to want to help others, but when money is given, the biggest fear is to have certainty that the resources are truly accomplishing the mission by reaching those who need the help.

The operational efficiency of our technology streamlines resources to the people who need them as soon as possible, so organizations can grow, scale, and impact.

Our Mission Statement

To revolutionize the way funds are distributed and managed in nonprofit, university, esports, and philanthropic organizations, and beyond while being an avid supporting partner for those who we work with.

Our Purpose

To exceed the expectations of our partners and customers and those which we set on ourselves. Founded by a team of former athletes, we pride ourselves on delivering results efficiently and effectively.

Why? Because we care about organizations and the accomplishments of their missions. We strive to see the impact created by our technology, as we streamline the secure distribution of resources, and provide transparency and visibility that makes donors comfortable, and organizations efficient in carrying on with their mission.

we are a team

That Cares

Chris Kane

Founder & CEO

Chris Kane is a finance and technology expert, and visionary entrepreneur. In concert with his committed involvement in philanthropy, his extensive knowledge of the intricacies of financial systems, how money moves, how it is disbursed/utilized allowed him to witness and identify the inefficiencies and frictions evident when disbursing funds in various scenarios including to those who are in need of aid. This is how the idea of Chek was born. Chris trained 14 years in MMA earning a black belt in Kemp Jiu-Jitsu and is a lifelong NY Jets fan.

Nick Schedler

Co-Founder | CRO & COO

Nick is a strategic business leader with extensive experience building/leading sales & operations teams for companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups. His involvement and particular experience in bringing operational efficiency & business growth strategies to companies in the Sports tech, Fintech, and IT industries, along with his experience as a collegiate athlete, created a strong motivation to join Chek as a Co-founder.